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Shabazz, Crystal and Shemai

Shimei laughs and giggles every time she sees her Daddy holding her up!

My S.A.M. - 3/13/2006

MY S.A.M Everyone who has claimed love for you, all of them have no idea what's its like living with a reincarnated Shabazz (MEI).

You're always in my face through that little girl and she never misses a chance to talk about you. You are still Mei's world.

She asks me always "Mommy you love my daddy" and I better reply yes, because she will have it no other way.

In essence I have drama with my baby but love and determination will get her through this. I bet you are happy that you don't have to deal with my situation?

Everyone is moving on, starting over or already have. Ha! Life is just so funny, Love is really a strong word.

Shimei has the best of both of us, GOD allowed us to connect to receive this gift; she is going to be great.

You Shabazz are definitely going to live a great life in your daughter. She is never letting go.....

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